The Bee’s Knees #24

April 19, 2014

The Bee's Knees #24

Honestly, each week it gets a bit trickier to pick my Bee’s Knees. There are just way too many awesome things out there. At least I’m never short on material!

Neat - I’m totally plant obsessed but other than one little succulent (which I picked up last week) I don’t have any greenery in my house. The main reason is that we’re still not finished redoing most rooms and until then it doesn’t seem right to bring a plant into a dusty and hostile environment. But that doesn’t mean I can’t ogle other people’s plant filled spaces or genius DIY plant holder projects. This one from Poppy Talk is just lovely! I’m particularly smitten with the hanging, double ended planter. See how to make these little beauties here.

Neat - Poppy Talk Copper PlantersNeat - Poppy Talk Copper PlantersNeat - Poppy Talk Copper Planters

Suite - Pendant lights seem to be everywhere I look right now, especially on Pinterest, and I do not mind at all. I LOVE them. We’re giving our dining room a facelift and I just know the perfect touch will be a mod pendant lamp. Here are a few I love and you can see plenty more on my Spaces board.

Suite - Pendant Lights via A Cup of JoSuite - Pendant LightsSuite - Pendant Lights

Suite - Pendant Lights

Eat - Anytime I’m at a restaurant or house party or literally anywhere there is the possibility of a cheese plate it’s the first thing I go for. That said, building your own cheese or charcuterie board can be daunting. This quick little how-to from Waiting On Martha will let you know where to start and what you need to build the ultimate party pleaser! Read more here.

Eat - Cheese Plate 101 via Waiting on MarthaEat - Cheese Plate 101 via Waiting on Martha

Treat - Clogs are back with a stomping vengeance this spring and summer. Maybe it’s my Dutch heritage or my love of all things 70′s style but I am all for this trend. Clogs are one of the most timeless shoe styles and they also happen to be supremely comfortable, as far as heels go anyway. I discovered No.6 Store a little while ago and their signature clog collection floored me. See a few of my favourites below and all the other options here. Stay tuned for an upcoming style post where I reveal the pair I picked up (or see them in my latest insta post!).

Treat - No.6 Clogs

Light Packing for a Long Weekend

April 17, 2014

Style Bee - Light Packing - Everlane Weekender

Whether you’re headed for a family visit, to a cottage or a quick international jaunt it’s always tough to decide what comes with you on a long weekend. It’s so easy to go too far and end up bringing half your closet on a three day trip. I am a chronic over packer and finally decided that my most recent trip would be the one to break the habit.

My latest cause for air travel was a quick but action packed journey to San Francisco for a good friend’s bachelorette celebration. Before I even had my flights booked I was asking myself, “What should I pack?”. Things could have easily spiralled into big suitcase territory so I forced myself to set some boundaries. I knew my Everlane Weekender was well within the carry-on limits so I let that be the main determinant as to what I could bring. To both my surprise and delight I was able to pack everything I needed and still be content with all my style options. Woo!

So with one successfully packed bag under my belt here a few tips to help you pack light for a long weekend:

1. Know the weather forecast. Wait until a day or so before you leave to make any final calls.

2. Know your itinerary. So you can choose outfits that are both appropriate and comfortable for different activities.

3. Make a list of what you need. This way you’re less likely to forget things. See my detailed checklist list below, customize and print it for your next adventure. Consider choosing interchangeable items, then you can easily pull together an extra look without bring extra pieces.

4. Try each outfit on to make sure you feel comfortable in it. It’s too easy to throw in extra pants or a ‘maybe’ dress just in case. Try it on and ask yourself if you’d really rather wear that over something already packed.

5. Make sure your bag and contents are within the carry-on baggage limit. Cue mini toothpaste and tiny shampoo bottles! Air Canada’s liquid limit is 100 ml but check the regulations of the airline you’re flying with to be sure.

Here are all the items that joined me for a springy long weekend in San Francisco and Napa Valley.

Style Bee - Light Packing - Flight Down

Style Bee - Light Packing - Friday Night

Style Bee - Light Packing - Saturday Adventure

Style Bee - Light Packing - Saturday Dinner

Style Bee - Light Packing - Sunday Brunch

Style Bee - Light Packing - Accessories

Flight DownLeather Jacket / Sunnies / Tee / Pants / Flats / Tote (not shown)
Friday Night OutLeather Jacket / Little Black Dress / Sandals / Clutch / Sunnies
Day TripSunnies / Denim Jacket / Crop Top / Maxi Skirt / Clutch / Sandals
Saturday Night Out – Dress Similar / Necklace Similar / Heels Similar / Clutch
Sunday Brunch & Trip HomeSunnies / Tee Similar / Pants / Denim Jacket / Flats
AccessoriesGold Necklaces / Rings / Necklace Similar / Bracelets

Print and customize this list for your next long weekend! Pictured list and blank template included here.

Style Bee Light Packing for a Long Weekend List

Trench Time

April 14, 2014

Style Bee - Trench Time

We just had a bought of beautiful weather but the forecast calls for snow this week. I’m hoping it’s just Mother Nature’s idea of a cruel and poorly timed April fool’s joke. Then again, it’s always this time of year when her bipolar instincts are at their most active. Around this time is also when my outfit decisions are hardest to make. To sleeve or not to sleeve? To wear tights or not to….well you get it. But there is always one item that never begs any questions, the classic trench.

Style Bee - Trench Time

Open or belted, collar up or down, worn now or 5 years from now it’s a spring closet hero. Plus we all know a trench isn’t always about being buttoned up (insert pervy wink). But my first attraction to the trench traces back to the one Audrey Hepburn wears in Breakfast At Tiffany’s. Cliché I know, but what can I say, I’m a sucker for a timeless classic and even more of a hopeless romantic. Throw on some stripes, skinnies and black accessories and I’m good for work, brunch and just about anything in between.

Style Bee - Trench Time Style Bee - Trench Time

There are a lot of trench options out there so be sure to choose wisely. I was personally after a pure classic with all the little details. The perfect khaki, a hook and eye closure on the collar, leather buckles on the belt and cuffs, tortoise shell buttons, a pleated vent on the back, double breasted, slant welt pockets, mid length and a silky lining for easiest wear. Seems like a long and quite specific list but this one from J.Crew met all the criteria and my budget. See a few other good options below.

Style Bee - Trench Time Style Bee - Trench Time Style Bee - Trench Time

Trench Coat JCrew // Striped Shirt JCrew // Denim Anine Bing // D’Orsay Pumps Zara Similar, Similar // Clutch Clare Vivier // Sunnies Madewell

Here’s a look at a few of the best classic trenches I’ve come across. From the mother of all trenches, Burberry, to a cute and wallet friendly option from Zara there’s a chic solution to any schizophrenic weather dilemmas.

Style Bee - Trench Time - Options

1. Burberry // 2. J.Crew // 3. Mango // 4. ASOS // 5. Zara, Similar, Similar

Wonderful Weekend

April 12, 2014

Wonderful Weekend #11

I never have and it’s likely that I never will attend Coachella but if I did I’d want to be wearing an outfit like this. Something comfortable, fluttery and summery. To be totally honest, I’m not sad to miss it. April has already been a whirlwind so far and I’m taking this chance to regroup and get some plans in order. I hope you’re having a Wonderful Weekend!

Sunnies // Boots // Dress // Bag // Hat

The Bee’s Knees #23

April 11, 2014

Style Bee - The Bee's Knees #23

It’s that time again! Slowly but surely all of these delightful things have crept their way into my psyche and now I simply must share them with you.

Neat - I love baskets. They’re a great way to add some rustic charm and texture to a space. Plus they’re cheap, durable and a great way to store things out in the open. I love the idea of dipping a basket in some white paint for a colour block effect and brightening the dark weave up a bit. Ikea has tons of different basket that you could customize this way for your own space. Image via Pinterest.

TBK 23 - Dip Painted Basket DIY

Suite - I feel as if all I’ve been thinking about lately is our kitchen. What to do with it, how to make the most of what little space we have and how to keep it feeling as inviting as possible. Cue open shelving. I love the look of open shelving, not to replace all our kitchen cupboards of course but for a single small wall on one side. We’re hoping to expose the brick on this particular surface and let it be a sort of statement/focal area in the kitchen. When it comes to open shelves it all depends on what goes on them so that they don’t end up looking cluttered. These three have been styled to perfection and definitely make me think I’m onto something. Have a look at my Spaces board on pinterest for more ideas.

TBK - Open Shelving 1

TBK - Open Shelving 2

Open shelving via Blood and Champagne

Eat - Now that the temperatures have finally decided to be tolerable I’m not as desperate for my piping hot coffee first thing in the morning. That’s definitely not to say I can forego the caffeine fix. This recipe not only solves that dilemma but it makes ice coffee look WAY better than ever. I’ll be trying this out as soon as I can remember to fill the ice trays! See the full recipe here.

Coffee on the rocks by Hannah Lemholt

Coffee on the rocks by Hannah Lemholt

Treat - Good Lord I love silk. If I could wear silk pants, silk shirts, silk dresses and silk slippers all day every day I probably would. I’d just slink around feeling glorious. But I can’t because that would be not only psycho but also very expensive. That said, Everlane’s new silk collections are making it very easy to envision such a scenario coming true. I think my favourite style they’ve released recently is the Silk Sleeveless. With a point collar and raglan sleeve it’s perfect for work or weekend. And at $65 it’s not so offensive to the wallet either.

Everlane Silk Sleeveless

Everlane Silk Sleeveless

Spring Florals Part 2

April 8, 2014

Style Bee in a floral dress and denim jacket.

Despite the fact that snow is still on the ground where I live, let’s talk about those warm spring days. I mean the ones that also happen to be a Saturday, you’ve just had a great brunch and now you’re headed to the farmer’s market that just reopened for the year. These are the days I dream of all winter and work hard for all week and with this look there is no chance I won’t be ready for them.

Style Bee in a floral dress and denim jacket.

I’ll be 100% honest with you, this shoot was the first time this year that my legs had been exposed for more than the time it takes to get out of the shower and into pants. So you’ll have to forgive the pastiness and just appreciate the lengths I’m willing to go for a style post! But that little tidbit aside, I’m really liking the laid back vibe a denim jacket, ankle boots and panama hat can give this dress. I just keep telling myself it won’t be long until I can take this little number outdoors!

Style Bee in a floral dress and denim jacket.Style Bee in a floral dress and denim jacket.
Style Bee in a floral dress and denim jacket.
Style Bee in a floral dress and J.Crew hat.

Dress Zara // Jacket Rag&Bone via ShopBop // Hat J.Crew // Boots Madewell // Tote Madewell (similar) // Sunnies Madewell

Photos by Agata Piskunowicz.

Spring Florals Part 1

April 3, 2014

Style Bee in a floral dress and leather jacket.

Ah spring! Being able to officially say and FEEL that it’s here is a glorious thing. Even though the garden isn’t green just yet, let’s briefly touch on spring florals, shall we? This dress instantly jumped out as a perfect print to guide me out of winter. Being naturally drawn to black and not an overly ‘girly’ dresser it’s just the right amount of feminine and flirty. Even though double digit temperatures tempt bare legs and open toes, when it’s still only 10 degrees max and dropping down to 0 or so at night I don’t want to overexpose myself. As much as I’m just about ready to burn every pair of tights in my closet they still serve a purpose on a cold night out. So I’m wearing them, albeit reluctantly, with pretty florals and classic leather goodies that make it all okay.

Style Bee in a Floral dress and leather jacket.

I’ve kept faithful to my closet mission to ‘Buy less, choose well’ focusing on quality over quantity with a focus on chic and classic pieces that I’ll wear again and again. That said, when I spotted this floral dress from Zara I was instantly smitten and I’ll admit that it was an impulse purchase. Yet, somehow it’s ended up being one of the pieces in highest rotation these days, whether it’s fancied up for a bridal shower, out for date night or even under a sweatshirt for a more relaxed look. Maybe it’s the ultra flattering cut, unexpectedly cute and sheer details or just the fact that I’ve never had a dress like quite like it. Regardless, it’s testing my closet mission boundaries and I can’t say I mind.

Style Bee in a Floral dress and leather jacket.

Style Bee in a Floral dress.Style Bee in a Floral dress and leather jacket.Style Bee in a Floral dress and leather jacket.

Stay tuned for Spring Florals Part 2 when I ditch the tights and switch up items for a late spring look that’s perfect for toastier temperatures!

Dress Zara // Leather Jacket Madewell // Flats Vince // Clutch Boticca // Tights H&M

Photos by Agata Piskunowicz.

March Vibes

April 2, 2014

Style Bee - March Vibes

There goes another month and the first quarter of 2014. WHAT!? It took almost a full day and a lot of really bad April Fool’s jokes for me to even realize what was going on. But there you have it, March is history. Spring is here! Looking back it turns out that March was actually a month full of firsts for me. It started with my first winter wedding experience, which was absolutely lovely. Although not exactly open toe shoes friendly, I did get to bust out some fur on fur action.

Style Bee - March Vibes

We continued settling in, enjoying epic at home brunches and had our first official house guests. We also had the chance to embrace a few of the first warmer days this year during a stop by one of my favourite bakeries in Guelph, The Pantry.

Style Bee - March Vibes

Style Bee - March Vibes

A major March event was hosting my first ever Bridal Shower for one of my loveliest and dearest friends Jess. It was so great to bring all our good friends together, eat WAY too many cupcakes, gorge on candy and celebrate the gorgeous bride to be.

Style Bee - March Vibes Another exciting first for me was being part of the delightful Blush Shop Spring lookbook. I cannot remember the last time I had that much fun on a Sunday morning! I feel so honoured that the incredibly talented and amazing Michele asked me to work with her on the shoot. She is every bit as lovely and chic as her shop and has been a style icon of mine for ages. Michele has curated a perfect collection of pieces for any spring occasion and I had such a blast sporting the looks she put together. See the full lookbook here and shop the pieces online here. Thanks again Michele! xox

Style Bee - March Vibes Style Bee - March Vibes

So there you have my March Vibes. I have an inkling that April may give March’s good times a run for their money as I head to San Francisco for an epic girl’s weekend and our house plans enter phase two! How was your March? Any big plans for April?

Photo #1 – Graphic Map print seen in the showroom at Style Garage.

Triple ‘L’

March 31, 2014

Style Bee in Hackwith Top and leather pants

Once in a while an outfit will come together that I just want to wear all day every day. This is one such outfit, which I call the Triple ‘L’ for the Lait top, Leather pants and Leopard pumps that create it. Of course I don’t usually name my outfits but this one is an exception! The best part of this look is that it’s both comfortable and luxurious, two of my favourite adjectives.

Style Bee in Hackwith top and leather pantsStyle Bee in Hackwith top and leather pantsStyle Bee in Hackwith top and leather pantsStyle Bee in Hackwith top and leather pantsStyle Bee in Hackwith top and leather pants

The Lait top is a limited edition piece from Hackwith Design House, which I was very lucky to nab as they sold out in just a couple of hours. Lisa Hackwith, the mastermind behind the brand, is one of the most exciting designer/makers I’ve encountered to date. Lisa’s eye for feminine shapes and sensual fabrics is just incredible. Her high quality pieces are produced in limited edition runs of 25 or less so when you’re lucky enough to own something by Lisa you know you’re one of only a handful of people in the world that does. Pretty fancy, I know! But it’s not so much about exclusivity as it is about the rarity of finding an item you can truly call your own and wear for years to come. Not often do you find a top that makes you feel empowered, elegant and completely comfortable all at once. I urge you to take a look at the other Hackwith Design House pieces and follow Lisa on Instagram (@hackwithdesign) for gorgeous and dreamy behind the scenes updates.

In accompaniment are my leather leggings, which seem to be all I talk about these days but I can’t help myself! They are just too good not to wear constantly, ok maybe not to bed, but on a really cold night you’d have to talk me out of it. Then you bring in the calf hair pump and there’s no turning back. Top it off with some minimal accessories and I’m feeling like I can take on the world, one leopard print stride at a time.

Hackwith Design Top // Madewell Leather Leggings // Biko Necklace // Acre Goods Rings // Gorjana Ring // Nasty Gal Taurus Bangle // Madewell Bangle // J.Crew Pumps Similar

Photos by Agata Piskunowicz.

Good Things Take Time

March 31, 2014

Good things take time.

“Good things take time”. Despite the fact that I’m not a particularly patient person this sentiment has really resonated with me over the past few months. I also thought it was a great way to kick off the second year of Style Bee and reflect on some of the good things that have taken shape over the past year. So here goes…

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