DIY – Best Gift Wrap Ever

November 28, 2014

Style Bee - DIY - Gift Wrap

If you thought I’d never shut up about gifts, well, you were right! Now it’s time to talk gift wrap and I dare say these might be the best looking presents I’ve ever given. After years of spending a fortune on pretty paper, bows and ribbons I decided to try my hand at making my own this time. It turned out to be totally reasonable, super easy and the result was WAY prettier than I even expected.

Here’s what you’ll need (I picked up everything but the greenery from Michael’s craft store):

  • 1 large pad of newsprint paper pad
  • natural colour masking tape
  • 50 yards of jute (twine)
  • 3 colours of acrylic paint
  • 3 different size brushes
  • water
  • pallet for mixing
  • sprigs of your favourite yuletide greenery

Style Bee - DIY - Gift Wrap

Now to make the gift wrap. This is the fun part! Spread out your supplies on a table and decide what you’d like to paint. I went with one colour and simple patterns to start. Use the big brush to create short stroke patterns, the middle brush to draw thin lines and the tiny brush for a dotted pattern. You can’t really go wrong if you keep it simple. Once you’re feeling brave try using two colours and then if you’re really cocky go for a plaid or fun multi shape pattern. Hang or lay the sheets flat to dry overnight (they’ll be done sooner depending on how much paint you used). Now you’ve got yourself a beautiful stock of gift wrap!

Style Bee - DIY - Gift Wrap

Time to get our wrap on! Now that you’ve got all the wrapping supplies you need it’s time to take those awesome gifts to the next level. Start by wrapping the gift box as you would with any paper. Be gentle as the newsprint is a bit delicate, especially around the painted areas. Use your masking tape to secure the paper around the box. Now you can wrap with twine, tie a bow and sneak in a cute sprig of pretty greenery. And BAM! Best looking present EVER!

Style Bee - DIY - Gift WrapStyle Bee - DIY - Gift WrapStyle Bee - DIY - Gift WrapStyle Bee - DIY - Gift Wrap Style Bee - DIY - Gift Wrap Style Bee - DIY - Gift Wrap Style Bee - DIY - Gift Wrap

Gift Giving – To Treat

November 27, 2014

Style Bee - Gift Giving - to Treat

Here we are, the last of five days of gift giving! Today’s theme is ‘To treat’ and these gifts are all about character and finding that perfect thing to fill out a stocking or put a big grin on someone’s face. A friend of mine once said she thought the best gifts are the things you’d love but would never buy for yourself and I think that’s a perfect way to approach holiday giving. Here’s a slew of great options to treat, pamper and show whoever’s on your list that you think they’re awesome. Happy holiday shopping and gift giving friends!!

Ceramic Dishes

Object Enthusiast Ring Dishes (shown above) || Fringe and Fettle Berry Bowl || Kelsey Rose Jewelry Dish


Tom Dixon Gorgeous with a Marble Lid || P.F. Candle Co. Delicious Natural Scents || The Laundress Set of Three Wonderful Fragrances


The Object Enthusiast Tear Drop Vase || Millay Vintage Milk Glass Vases || Mjolk Stunning Black Brass Vase


The Citizenry Wooden Geo Planters || Small Spells Hanging Ceramic Planter || IKEA Cute white pots || The Object Enthusiast Faceted Vessels

Pampering Goodies

Herbivore Botanicals || GlamGlow Face Mask || Origins 10 Minute Hydrating Mask

Lip Gloss

Bite Beauty Duo || Fresh Lip Kit || Buxon Lip Plump

Nail Polish

Red || Gold || Black || Nude


The Citizenry || Pendleton || Pia Wallen Throw || Cambie Design

Gift Certificates

Everlane || Elizabeth Suzann || Starbucks || J.Crew


I’d be remiss not to mention a few charities that are doing amazing work around the world and always need support. Consider donating on a friend or family member’s behalf and help those who need it most.

World Wildlife Fund || Covenant House || Kiva || Unicef || Doctor’s Without Borders || World Animal Protection || CARE 

I hope these gift guides helped give you some inspiration and ideas to tick off all the good folks on your list. Still lots of holiday goodness coming to the blog!

Gift Giving – To Wear

November 26, 2014

Style Bee - Gift Giving - to Wear

I’m sure by now your inbox, Instagram and Facebook feeds have all started buzzing and taunting with talk of Black Friday sales, a day I kind of loath to be honest. That said, a deal is a deal and it’s probably the best time to get one. Maybe you’ve got your game plan all ready to go but if not, beware, those sales will get the best of you. Make a list, check it twice and then do not, I repeat DO NOT, stray from it. The only thing more stressful than the holiday season itself is being in debt during it. Sorry for the preaching, it’s mostly directed towards myself, ha! I’m planning to stay up late on Thursday night and get it all over with as soon as the clock strikes twelve. Mind you most sales have already begun so I’m doing what I can to get a head start. Even still, sitting by my computer, with a hot cuppa tea, placing orders from the comfort of my own bed ain’t a bad night in my books.

But enough about Black Friday, let’s talk about giving theme #4! Ah yes, to wear, my favourite kind of gifts to give (and to get).  So here are some head to toe ideas for what to get the style maven on your list. P.S. everything is under $150 (most stuff is WAY under)!

On The Head

Ear Muffs || Beanie || Fun Hat

On The Neck

Infinity Scarf || Plaid Scarf || Faux Fur Snood

On The Shoulder

Leather Tote || Cross Body || Graphic Tote 

On The Skin

Aesop || Bath Salts || Lip Balm

On The Hands

Rings || Watch || Bangle || Gloves

On The Torso

Flannel || Silk || Cotton

On The Legs

This is a tricky one since pants and how they fit are so subjective. Pajama pants on the other hand, totally fair game.

On The Feet

Socks || Slippers || Boots

Tomorrow is the fifth and final day of gifting and we’re talking all kinds of treats and stocking stuffers! 

Gift Giving – To See + Do

November 25, 2014

Style Bee - Gift Giving = to See + Do

Gift giving day numero trois! Now it’s time to consider some slightly less obvious gifting options for the adventurer, music lover or designer on your list. Here are some ideas for the ones that like to ‘See and Do’. I’m not entirely sure how art prints and camping adventures ended up in the same category but somehow it makes sense in my mind, so please just humour me. I love these gift options because they’re all great conversation starters and memory joggers. Nothing boosts a good friendship like a great concert, spa day or learning a new skill together. If you’re not the gift giving type then a weekend trip or delicious dinner in for you and your beau are great options too. Giving a print or photo is perfect for a friend or family member you don’t see as much as you’d like.

Concert Tickets

Check out shows coming to your area here.

Fun Prints

Rifle Paper (whimsical illustrations) || Jasmine Dowling (fun typographic art) || Stella Maria Baer (gorgeous celestial watercolours)

Photos of You Both

 Artifact Uprising (Tons of great photo gift ideas) || Awesome Photo Grid DIY

Spa Date

10 Spot

Dinner Chez Vous

Romantic meal ideas from Jamie Oliver

A Class or Workshop

Calligraphy Kit || Jewelry || Photography


Camping || Road Trip Weekend Getaway || Ski Trip

Tomorrow I’m talking gift giving for the one on your list that likes ‘To Wear’. Santa, if you’re reading, that’s me!

Gift Giving – To Eat + Drink

November 24, 2014

Style Bee - Gift Giving = to Eat + Drink

Today’s gift giving theme was inspired by my favourite holiday activities, eating and drinking. I mean, they’re kind of the best part of any season, right? These gift ideas are great for the party host, the gourmand co-worker, the in-laws and just about anyone in between. I could have easily included 1000 links to awesome home and kitchen goodies but I tried to keep it under control and just share the ones I love most. Had to remember that the point of these gift guides isn’t to further overwhelm you (or myself)! Here are a few awesome ways to show up to any holiday shindig with a great gift in hand. Don’t be afraid to round out your presents with the addition of some delicious homemade cookies, as they will never go unappreciated (at least not by me!).


La Vieille Ferme || Liberty School || Oyster Bay || Firestone


Tequila || Gin || Scotch

Unique Glasses

Ankole Tumblers || Ceramic Shot Glasses || Copper Moscow Mule Mugs

Cool Coasters

Concrete || Cotton & Flax || Wooden

Bottle Opener

Mjolk || West Elm || Dapper Fox

Coffee Maker

Mjölk || Chemex || French Press

Gorgeous Kitchen Wares

Graphic Dish Towels || Platter || Gold Serving Utensils || Cutting Board ||

Kettle || Hot Pot Stand || Serving Spoons || Utensil Jars

Ultimate Morning Coffee Mug

Helen Levi Forest Mug || Fine Life Co. || Stoneware Mugs

Measuring Utensils*

Copper Cups || Copper Spoons || White Melamine Cups

*Unfortunately the hedgehog measuring cups pictured are no longer available.

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s gift ideas for things to ‘See and Do’!

Gift Giving – To Read

November 23, 2014

Style Bee - Gift Giving = to Read

‘Tis indeed the season! So I decided to put together a little gifting inspiration to help you through this often frenzied time of year. After brainstorming all the different gift’s I like to give, I realized they all fall into 1 of 5 categories. This first one is for your friends, co-workers, neighbours and family members that like ‘To Read’. Sure sure, Kindles and Kobos are hot ticket items but I must honestly say I prefer a real printed book over a bunch of black dots on a screen. Books are great gifts thanks to their wide range in price point, vast variety in subject and the fact that whoever you give one to will get to enjoy and experience their pages for years to come. Here are a few great options for the book worm on your list whether they’re foodies, fashionistas or fiends for the latest magazine issue.


 The Alchemist || The Goldfinch || The Rosie Project


 Style Stalking || Worn Stories || VOGUE: The Editor’s Eye

Fun Reads

 Not That Kind of Girl || #GIRLBOSS || How To Be Parisian Wherever You Are


 Darling || Cereal || Kinfolk


 The Kinfolk Table || Plenty || Sunday Suppers


 36 Hours

Stay tuned for tomorrows gift giving ideas for the ones who love ‘To Eat + Drink”!

Style Inspiration – Winter Chic

November 21, 2014

StyleBee_Winter Chic

StyleBee_Winter Chic

It’s been frighteningly cold and snowy in Ontario (nothing compared to Buffalo though) which has given us all a sobering reminder about the true winter we’re about to face. Instead of curling up in a hole and crying (my first instinct when it’s -19 degrees out) I decided to look for some winter style inspiration to help convince myself that it’s not ALL bad out there.

A few of the things that perked my outlook were cute hats, thick cuffs and hot coffee. I’m also loving skinny jeans paired with easy oversized layers that make you look chic but feel like you’re still wrapped up in bed (well sort of anyway). It’s easy to feel as if winter is a bottomless pit of icy despair but try to replace thoughts of “snow” with “sweaters”, “ice storms” with “cute boots” and “flurries” with “peppermint hot chocolate”. Gotta fake it ’till we make through another one friends! Stay warm and happy Friday! Xo

All photos via Pinterest 

Winter Wreath

November 19, 2014

StyleBee - Winter Wreath

I LOVE the winter holidays and have always wanted to make my own natural wreath. Until this year my plans were in vain but thanks to my dear friend Courtney, I had incentive to follow-through this time. We decided to spend an afternoon making ourselves some festive adornments for our entrances and ended up being totally amazed by how well they turned out. I am kicking myself for not documenting the process better but that’s all the more reason to repeat the tradition next year! See below for the supplies I used a very brief description of how to make your own winter wreath.

Style Bee - Winter WreathStyle Bee - Winter WreathStyle Bee - Winter Wreath

Wreath Making Supplies:

  • 3 bunches (about 5 boughs each) of greenery (I used juniper and eucalyptus)
  • Pruning clippers
  • Wire clippers (not shown)
  • Twine
  • Green wire
  • wreath frame

Style Bee - Winter Wreath

How to make a wreath (a very brief guide):

  1. Begin by filling in the frame with one layer of dense greenery (in my case it was the juniper). Work around the frame layering pieces to cover the clipped ends.
  2. Fasten each piece onto the frame with a 1 1/2 inch piece of green wire. Twist to secure and clip extra wire.
  3. Now you can begin adding on the other greens using the same overlapping method.
  4. Hold the frame up frequently throughout the process to see what spaces need extra filling in.
  5. Once you’re happy with your wreath hold it up and give it a few shakes to see if any pieces are loose.
  6. Fasten a long piece of twine to the top part of the frame and hang up for all to see!

Nothing New

November 17, 2014

Style Bee - Nothing New

If this outfit looks familiar that’s because you’ve seen it all before. Not this look exactly, but all the items it’s made up of at least. The truth is that having something new to share all the time has been running me down and I’m giving in. I realized something recently, which was that when it comes to style blogging I can’t quite keep up. With the trends, with the must-haves, with the constant barrage of ‘style’. But the real epiphany for me was realizing I’m okay with that. I’m not going to be the next Street Style star or reinvent any fashion wheels and that’s ok. Really! I know I have a good eye for style and I love sharing my take on it with you. I also know I’m getting better at it with plenty of hits and plenty more misses along the way.

But deep down I can feel a shift coming to the blog and the priorities I’ve set for my time, creativity, money and focus. It’s exciting to be following my instincts more than ever and working out some ideas to give Style Bee more purpose and intent in the new year. This may all be coming out of the blue but I felt it was time to put these thoughts into writing to help myself follow through. Sometimes we all need to remember that “If you can’t stop thinking about it, don’t stop working towards it.” How’s that for a cryptic post? Have a good week friends!

Style Bee - Nothing NewStyle Bee - Nothing NewStyle Bee - Nothing NewStyle Bee - Nothing NewStyle Bee - Nothing New

Coat old from Club Monaco // Sweater Aritzia // Leggings Madewell (faux option) // Clutch Primecut // Boots Sam Edelman // Sunnies Madewell

Hair Bling

November 14, 2014

Style Bee - Hair Bling

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, when it comes to doing hair I am just downright lazy. So when I discover something that takes a simple hair style to the next level and also happens to be as ingenious as it is chic, well, I get super excited. What could I possibly be referring to? Well it’s definitely not a scrunchy and there are no clamping teeth but if you guessed awesome brass hair cuff with a built-in elastic then you win! Soon after I discovered these lovely little accoutrements by Caravan Pacific I knew I had to try one out. Not surprisingly I was smitten!

Here are my two favourite ways to wear a brass hair cuff.

Style Bee - Hair Bling

1. The wavy 1/2 up. Start by curling your hair with a curling iron or wand. Then gently run your fingers through to separate and relax the waves. For a 1/2 up I always split the hair from the top of my ears and along an angle to the top third of my head (see third photo). Use the elastic to secure the top half of your hair, pull tight and fit the brass cuff over top. Sorry my photos don’t demonstrate that process well but if I figured it out, I’m sure you can! All that’s needed now it a little hair spray and your favourite red lipstick. I love this look for a date or dinner out but it’s totally office appropriate too.

Style Bee - Hair BlingStyle Bee - Hair Bling

Style Bee - Hair Bling

2. The French Braid. This is how I wear the cuff most often. I simply french braid my hair and secure the end with the elastic and fit the cuff over top. If I’m feeling tricky I’ll angle the braid so it wants to sit over one shoulder. I love this look for it’s casual vibe with the surprise modern element in the cuff.

I’ll quickly add a bit more about the cuff. A thin, regular sized elastic is attached to the inside where there is a tiny brass loop. What’s great it that elastic is removable. The cuff is also open (meaning it’s not cylindrical) at the back, making it super easy to fit onto hair. Last notable detail is that these handmade little beauties are only $28 so be sure to give Caravan-Pacific a look to see all the different hair cuffs (shapes, sizes and materials). They also design and make some seriously gorgeous lamps and home goods too. Happy Friday all!!

Style Bee - Hair BlingStyle Bee - Hair Bling

Style #1 – Silk shirt old from J.Crew (similar)

Style #2 – Sweater from Elizabeth Suzann

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