The Bee’s Knees #30

September 17, 2014

Style Bee's Knees #30

It’s been a long time since my last Bee’s Knees but I’ll spare you the spiel as to why and just dig in!

Neat - I saw this great ring stack on Pinterest and wondered where it was available. Only to shortly there after discover that it’s in fact something I could make myself! Just wait until you see how easy it is too. I might go for a smoother, sleeker approach but the hammered look is great too. Follow the steps on Fall For DIY.

Style Bee's Knees #30 - Fall For DIY Rings

Suite - Coffee is my morning saviour. I’m barely conscious or even human until I’ve got a hot mug of my lifeblood in front of me. I’ve been looking into options for home brewing and came across the Chemex system. It seems my fellow coffee enthusiasts swear by this genius little invention. So it looks incredible, makes great coffee AND it’s only $65.00? Well, don’t mind of I drip! Available on Amazon and from the Chemex directly.

Style Bee's Knees #30 - Chemex

Eat - Brisk fall winds are making me crave rich, roasted goodness at every meal. I’m loving toasted nuts on salads and roasted beets are a regular menu item. I spotted this recipe on Pinterest and can’t wait to try it out. See more deliciousness on my board \\ YUM //.

Style Bee's Knees #30 - Love and Lemon Recipe

Treat - If there is one thing I deem worthy of digging deep in the pockets for each year (of course there is more than one thing!), it’s fall boots. A super simple, ultra versatile, very well-made pair of black boots will never disappoint. With some common sense and proper care, they’ll carry you through many seasons. I’ll be debuting my pick for this year on the blog soon but I’m also swooning over this great option by Rachel Comey. Available here.

Style Bee's Knees #30 - Rachel Comey Boot

Sweater Weather

September 15, 2014

Style Bee - Sweater Weather
Sumptuous, soft and sublime are the three words I’ll use to describe this amazing sweater from Aritzia, which happens to be the latest and greatest addition to my fall wardrobe. Of course I was drawn in by talk of extra fine merino wool that makes it’s super silky and crazy warm but what I really fell for were the drapey sleeves and asymmetrical hemline.

I’ve been wearing it with everything but decided to glam it up a little for the blog. I see no reason why coziness need be reserved for a night on the couch! I paired it with some slinky trousers and added a pair of pointy pumps and a sleek clutch to sharpen the look up just enough. I wore this out to dinner with the fella and switched to flats and a tote for weekend errands the next day.

Style Bee - Sweater WeatherStyle Bee - Sweater WeatherStyle Bee - Sweater WeatherStyle Bee - Sweater WeatherStyle Bee - Sweater WeatherStyle Bee - Sweater WeatherStyle Bee - Sweater Weather

Sweater Aritzia // Pants J.Crew (similar, similar) // Heels old Zara (similar, similar) // Bag Primecut // Sunnies Ray Ban // Watch c/o Daniel Wellington 15% OFF any style with code ‘stylebee’ (until 09/30/14) // Rings Acre Goods

September Wishlist

September 12, 2014

Style Bee - September Wishlist

September is probably the most temptatious month of the year for me. As you may have noticed I’m a huge advocate for Fall style, neutral tones and rich textures, which of course are in abundance at this time of year. Fall is also a great time to reboot and get your style game face on. My usual strategy is to invest early in the season so I get lots of wear out of my newer pieces,  to choose looks that are going to carry me into winter and that I can see wearing again a year from now.

These are a few goodies that have recently caught my eye. Oversized coats are having a major moment this fall and I’m very into it. I’m also on the hunt for a great office rug and a great chair for the living room. I always seem to be coveting at least one item by Loeffler Randall and this month it’s both the classic Rider bag and that fabulous colour block pump. Rifle Paper just released their 2015 calendars and naturally the Honey Bee one is already on it’s way to my doorstep. I don’t wear perfume daily but sometimes when I’m going out or it’s a date night I feel a little more dramatic and alluring with a sultry scent. Tom Ford’s Black Orchid is getting rave reviews and I may need to give it a spritz.

Hope your September is going well!

Simple Rings // Car Coat  // Rug // Red Lip //  Pump // Calendar // Trouser  // Bag // Chair  // Scent

Recipe: Root Salad

September 11, 2014

Style Bee - Honey Pot - Root Salad

As promised here is that rooty and delicious recipe I mentioned in the last post. I make a variation of this salad just about every week but this iteration is probably the best. It’s one of those dishes that makes you feel instantly better and healthier but entirely satisfied and full by the time you’re done. A rare feat for a salad if you ask me.

This serves a hungry duo on it’s own or 4 folks as a side.

Salad Ingredients:

  • 3 large beets, roasted, peeled and sliced*
  • 5 medium radishes, 1/2 shredded, 1/2 thinly sliced
  • Approx. 6 cups of fresh leafy lettuces
  • 2 Tbsp goat’s cheese crumbled
  • 1/2 cup roasted or candied walnuts
  • Lemon Vinaigrette

Lemon Vinaigrette:

  • 2 Tbsp Freshly Squeezed Lemon Juice
  • 3 to 4 Tbsp Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • 1/2 Tsp Dijon Mustard
  • 1 Tsp Apple Cider Vinegar
  • 1 Tsp White Wine Vinegar
  • Salt & Pepper to taste

Style Bee - Honey Pot - Root Salad

In a large bowl add shredded radish to lettuce. Whisk dressing ingredients thoroughly, until it looks almost creamy, and pour over lettuce and shredded radish. Toss to coat. Spoon mixture onto plates and top with beets, radish slices, crumbled goat’s cheese and walnuts. Serve immediately with a dry white wine. Taste and embrace your new lease on life.

Style Bee - Honey Pot - Root Salad


Heat oven to 450 degrees. Chop leafy greens and majority of skinny root. Cover individually with tin foil and place in baking pan. Roast for 40-50 minutes or until you can easily pierce with a fork. Cool 5 minutes, CAREFULLY (they’re still hot as hell) peel skin (I use paper towel to avoid purple hands), slice and cool completely.

Fall Harvest

September 11, 2014

Style Bee - Fall Harvest 2014You’ll have to indulge me a little bit with this post as it’s a bit out of the ordinary. I’m just so proud of my fella Dave and the incredible garden he created from a patch of dead grass with poor drainage. Dave has dreamt of having a proper vegetable garden since we met (and long before that) and finally this summer he was able to bring it to life, literally! He slaved away removing rocks, tilling up the earth, adding literally a tonne of new soil, planting every tiny seed and tended to it tirelessly throughout our temperamental summer.

We are finally reaping the rewards of his hard work and I wanted to share a few snaps of our latest harvest. Radishes, beets and lettuces have been consumed in abundance lately but we’ve also got tomatoes, peppers (hot and not), peas, onions, herbs and carrots ready for the picking. Me and my tummy really lucked out with this green thumbed guy! Stay tuned for a delicious recipe later today!

Style Bee - Fall Harvest 2014Style Bee - Fall Harvest 2014Style Bee - Fall Harvest 2014Style Bee - Fall Harvest 2014

Elizabeth Suzann FW 2014

September 10, 2014

Elizabeth Suzann - FW 2014

It seems like every year there is one fall collection that momentarily stops my heart. Last year it was the Vince FW 2013 look book that had my jaw on the floor. This year it’s definitely the Elizabeth Suzann FW 2014 look book that’s giving me palpitations. I shared some love for the designer earlier in the summer with this style post and the one piece I have by her is definitely a favourite.

I have very visceral reactions to clothes and I’ve been trying to pinpoint what it is about certain looks or collections that really makes them stand out. As I was sharing the collection with my Mum, my go to style confidant, I figured out what it was,  Elizabeth Suzann is dressing the woman I want to be. This woman is confident, contemporary and practical but not afraid to be a little bit indulgent when it comes to the texture and materials she wears. She’s a natural beauty that’s comfortable in her own skin. Basically she’s just hella cool.

While I know I’m far from the woman I just described, wearing something that makes me feel even a little bit more like her is definitely a good idea. So here are a few of my favourite looks from the latest by Elizabeth Suzann. Take a look through the full collection here.

Elizabeth Suzann - FW 2014Elizabeth Suzann - FW 2014Elizabeth Suzann - FW 2014Elizabeth Suzann - FW 2014Elizabeth Suzann - FW 2014Elizabeth Suzann - FW 2014Elizabeth Suzann - FW 2014

A major credit to the impeccable styling and art direction by Elise Joseph and Jesse Maria, effortlessly beautiful model Chung Chow and beautiful photography by Zachary Gray.

Simple Silver

September 8, 2014

Style Bee - Simple Chic

Mother nature has decided to play some evil trick on us by making what should be easy breezy September days hot and humid. She’s been tossing out thunderstorms occasionally too. Not ideal for chunky sweater and leather boot wearing but I imagine that time will be here soon enough. For now I’m just keeping it super simple with easy layers and getting my fall fix by adding in more black pieces.

Style Bee - Simple Chic

30 Versions is a Singapore based accessories brand, designed and made by the loveliest duo, Paige and Lynette. When they got in touch to collaborate with Style Bee I was so excited to discover them and instantly clicked with their design philosophy.

“We immerse ourselves in the conceptualisation and hand-crafting of every piece of wearable. We begin either with a sketch, a random idea, or an inspirational image, personally source the materials from all over the world, and then create the wearables in our studio. Well-made, well-thought design that can be worn for a long time – belonging only to a small group of people.”

I couldn’t help but fall for the sleek and minimal Denise necklace. It’s beautifully crafted and I love the contemporary and almost industrial vibe it has. I’ve been wearing it every day since it arrived and know it will play a part in my accessory repertoire for years. Paige and Lynette create little masterpieces with a variety of materials and I highly recommend you take a peek at 30 Versions‘ unique and artistic collection.

Style Bee - Simple ChicStyle Bee - Simple ChicStyle Bee - Simple ChicStyle Bee - Simple Chic

Necklace c/o 30 Versions // Jacket Need Supply (on sale!) // Tee StyleMint // Denim Mother (Similar, Similar) // Heels J.Crew // Bag Cuyana // Sunnies Ray Ban // Ring designed and made by yours truly

Photos by my classic fella Dave Ruhl.

August Vibes

September 4, 2014

Style Bee - August Vibes

I’m a bit late getting to my August recap but in all fairness it was the busiest month so far this year. August was a whirlwind of travel, celebrations and new experiences. For a serious homebody like myself, it was a lot to take in but really good for me to get out of my comfort zone.

The weather was unseasonably cool which was a huge disappointment for most but a major relief for me. As I’ve mentioned before, me and hot weather don’t really jive. Here are a few of the outfits I shared this month.

Style Bee - August Vibes

Each month Style Bee’s readership grows a bit more but this month broke all records so far and I definitely owe a big thank you to Refinery29 for including me on their list of How Instagram’s Best Dressed Do Summer! I was floored with excitement upon seeing the article and so honoured to be in such fabulous company. See the article here. And yes, I took a screenshot, just in case they realized I was way out of my league and decided to replace me with someone much cooler.

Style Bee - August Vibes

August was a month of firsts for sure. None the least of which was my first trip ever to Las Vegas. The occasion was my friend Katy’s bachelorette and we took the town by storm or rather by stiletto. It was every bit as audacious, outrageous and amazing as I had imagined. We saw Britney Spears, drank our weight in champagne and danced (with our shoes off) until the wee hours of the night.

Style Bee - August Vibes

The following weekend was the wedding of Dave’s brother Mike to his longtime love Courtney, which was an absolute delight. I had way too much fun to even think about my phone or photos. But now I do wish I had more shots of that lovely day.

Fast forward through a couple weeks of insane deadlines, presentations, 100 trips to and from the city and about 12,000 emails and suddenly we’re at the end of the month, on a plane to San Francisco. The trip this time was for my friend Katy’s wedding taking place at the incredible San Francisco City Hall followed by an epic dinner and dance party at the Palace Hotel. The wedding celebrations started on Friday and lasted (intermittently) until Monday morning. Every part of it was incredible and a wonderful chance to celebrate and spend time with friends. My lovely friend Katy, has never looked more beautiful or happy and I’m so honoured that I got to stand by her throughout the weekend.

{ Stunning San Francisco City Hall }

Style Bee - August Vibes{ The Palace Hotel – I got familiar with the old staircases during our stay }

Style Bee - August Vibes

{ Shots from the photo booth at the wedding. Smoothing filters = happy bridesmaids. }

Style Bee - August Vibes

It was my third time to San Francisco but my first time visiting with Dave. He’s a wonderful travel buddy and the ultimate wanderer (actually though, he’ll walk for 10 miles without a bother). We didn’t have a lot of time to explore so we let our noses and stomachs lead us and it was the perfect way to take some of the gorgeous city in. I was instantly enamoured with all the incredible houses and even more so by the tiny but mighty succulent gardens that were seemingly every ten steps. I also made Dave stop and pose in front of the best blue walls.

Style Bee - August VibesStyle Bee - August VibesStyle Bee - August VibesStyle Bee - August VibesStyle Bee - August VibesStyle Bee - August VibesStyle Bee - August VibesStyle Bee - August Vibes

September looks much more local, which is fine by me, I’m trying to get on top of work and really dig into some big ideas I have for the blog and the year ahead. Stay tuned and thanks so much for following along!

Passion Print

September 3, 2014

Style Bee - Passion Print

Believe it or not this is the dress that first sparked my interest in blogging. Club Monaco did a ‘Style Muse’ lookbook in August of 2012 that featured four bloggers and how they would style their favourite piece from the collection. Krystal of the blog This Time Tomorrow styled this very same dress so well that I just had to try it for myself (original post here). The other three, with equally tantalizing style were Sam of Could I Have That?, Olivia of Lust For Life and Kate of Wit + Delight, all bloggers I still follow and admire today. I was so intrigued by these super chic women and their power of persuasion that I began looking into each of them and what they were up to. This led me onto other blogs and after about six months of being completely entranced I decided to take a stab at it myself.

This just goes to show that you never know where your next passion will present itself. It could be hiding in a mass email from a giant brand like mine was or somewhere much more discrete and unique. Regardless though, you’ve got to follow your nose, or in my case, your mouse.

Style Bee - Passion Print

During our trip to San Francisco last weekend, Dave and I took to the street to explore the beautiful city. The weather was an absolute dream and this outfit saw me through the day with ease. It seemed a perfect way to welcome fall and embrace a little tourism.

Style Bee - Passion PrintStyle Bee - Passion PrintStyle Bee - Passion PrintStyle Bee - Passion Print

Dress old from Club Monaco Similar, Love, Love // Hat Rag and Bone // Bag Millay Vintage // Boots Madewell // Watch c/o Daniel Wellingtion (15% off with code “stylebee” through Sept. 30) // Ring vintage

Photos by my travel buddy Dave Ruhl.

Decked Out Digital – September

September 2, 2014

Style Bee - Decked Out Digital - SeptemberStyle Bee - Decked Out Digital - September

A new month has arrived and so have a new set of pretty backgrounds! It’s hard to believe that we’ve passed the point of no return on summer but maybe these shots can help us hang onto it for a bit. All I want to do when I see hydrangeas is stuff my whole face in and take a deep breath. They have such an elegant and understated scent. Until I took these close ups, I’d never noticed that each little flower has four petals held together by what looks like four tiny pearls. They are just the loveliest. Hope you enjoy this month’s decked out digital!


Background #1

Background #2

Background #3

Background #4

To set background simply download the image to your phone using one of the links above > Open Settings > Wallpapers + Brightness > Choose a new wallpaper > From your photos choose the wallpaper you’d like to use > Save to either Home Screen, Lock Screen or both!


Background #1

To set background simply download the image to your computer using one the link above > Open System Preferences > Desktop + Screensaver> + > Select the photo from your downloads and save.

Ps. The date and time are easier to see in real life than in these examples.

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