Button Down {Gusta Collab 5/6}

December 17, 2014

StyleBee - GUSTA - 5/6

I was sitting on my couch with a sinus cold and an almost empty box of kleenex, wondering what to write for this post. 20 uninspired minutes went by until I decided to just share what’s on my mind (albeit foggy and congested).

My initial feeling whenever I look at photos I’ve taken (or Dave has taken) for the blog is always uncertainty. Am I trying too hard? Do I look ridiculous? Is this even a decent outfit? Are just a few in an onslaught of both valid and disparaging questions I find myself asking. But when I looked through these shots, now taken three weeks ago, I felt at ease. So I asked myself why that is. It’s because they’re a relaxed, unfussy, honest representation of my usual self and that’s where my heart wants to go. Somewhere genuine and unpretentious with a focus on the everyday.

The blogging world is bizarre and often phoney and annoying. There’s a lot of, “Look at me, look at ME!” going on and it’s not what I want to project on here. I don’t think I’m some great beauty or even close to model material or that I’ve got anything figured out. I just really love style, in all it’s forms, and sharing how I do it and what I’m inspired by gives me creative fulfillment. Of course, the greatest reward of blogging is having the opportunity to inspire others, which sounds barfably corny but I mean it. I love seeing how readers and other bloggers respond and what their take is on style. I also love supporting small businesses and sharing high quality goods that serve a purpose in my everyday life. These are the things that keep me motivated to conjure up new ideas for my tiny little digital plot in an infinite world of style. As the new year creeps closer I’m taking a hard look at my values and trying to streamline my purpose here on Style Bee. The exciting part is that it’s really starting to take shape and I have a seriously good feeling about 2015!

Anyway, thanks for humouring my cough syrup fuelled stream of consciousness. I know I usually talk about the outfit more but this one is so simple and classic it needs no explanation. A great white button down will be forever necessary. Happy hump day friends!

StyleBee - GUSTA - 5/6StyleBee - GUSTA - 5/6StyleBee - GUSTA - 5/6

White Button Down c/o Gusta || Denim Rag & Bone || Coat old from Club Monaco || Purse Vintage || Glasses Oliver Peoples

Holiday Cheer

December 15, 2014

StyleBee - Christmas Cards

One of my favourite things about the holiday season is making cards to give to family and friends so I wanted to create a few that you can download and give out too. I asked my Dad to help me bring a few ideas to life with his amazing lettering and illustration skills. I love how they turned out and hope you’ll print a few and enjoy sharing some holiday cheer with your folks wherever you are.

I made two versions, the first has softer black lettering and some colourful details for printing on white or light coloured paper. The second has deep black type and looks great printed on craft stock or richer coloured paper. I recommend using a paper stock between 65 and 100 lbs to give it a store quality feel. Mix and match your envelope paper too if you’re crazy like that!

Scroll down to see all the cards and find download links.

StyleBee - Christmas CardsStyleBee - Christmas CardsStyleBee - Christmas CardsStyleBee - Christmas CardsStyleBee - Christmas CardsStyleBee - Christmas CardsStyleBee - Christmas CardsStyleBee - Christmas CardsStyleBee - Christmas Cards

Use the links below to download and print the cards you like. There are crop and fold marks indicated on the pdf.

Let’s Get Merried – White Card

Jolly, Holly, Happy, Merry, Bright – White Card

Mistletoe Kiss – White Card

Let’s Get Merried – Coloured Paper

Jolly, Holly, Happy, Merry, Bright – Coloured Paper

Mistletoe Kiss – Coloured Paper

Black and White {Gusta Collab 4/6}

December 12, 2014

StyleBee - GUSTA - 4/6

A great black turtleneck was what started my whole closet mission this year and it’s still one of my most frequent go to items on cold winter days. Black turtlenecks are a true timeless classic. To me they always conjure images of Audrey Hepburn in Funny Face, Marilyn Monroe in LIFE magazine or Jackie O in a windswept field. I’ve realized there are three variations of a black turtleneck that will undoubtedly solve some winter morning style dilemmas. The first is a big chunky knit version, something like this that can get thrown over jeans with a pair of boots and you’re set. The second is a lighter knit, like this, that’s a great layer under a peacoat to keep you warm but not bulky. The third is of course a light, soft cotton option like this one from Gusta. I love how the style possibilities are endless. It’s ready for a pair of boyfriend jeans and a night on the couch or a slick white vest and a night on the town! Speaking of which, Happy Friday friends, I hope your weekend has both those scenarios in store!

StyleBee - GUSTA - 4/6StyleBee - GUSTA - 4/6StyleBee - GUSTA - 4/6StyleBee - GUSTA - 4/6

Organic cotton black turtleneck c/o Gusta || Leather leggings Madewell (faux option) || Vest old Zara || Necklace by A Delicate Deer || Heels Madewell || Clutch Primecut

7 Wintery Recipes

December 11, 2014

SB - Winter Recipes

I had originally titled this post 6 Wintery Recipes but I just couldn’t get the list below 7. I hate odd numbers but not nearly as much as I love good food! So here’s some hearty meal inspiration to get you drooling while the temps keep dropping.


How delicious does this recipe for Apple Tahini Toast with Honey and Thyme (via Tasty Yummies) look!? I know I could haul my lazy butt outta bed for these on any cold morning. Just add some piping hot coffee and a good magazine.

SB - Winter Recipes - Breakfast Toast via Tasty Yummies


All three of these lunches would make any day better! The Kale and Asian Pear Salad (via A House In The Hills) sounds so savoury but still light and refreshing for a quick bite. As the days get colder I’m craving warm meals more and more and this Roasted Cauliflower Soup (via Fork and Flour) looks about as pretty as any soup ever looked not to mention how easy it would be to pop in a thermos for lunch on the go. Add a little fresh bread and I’m all set! But let’s get serious about seriously delicious lunches! That Ginger Roasted Pumpkin and Quinoa Salad (via My Darling Lemon Thyme) looks and sounds amazing. Super healthy, filling and delicious? Get in mah belleh!

SB - Winter Recipes - Kale Salad via House In The HillsSB - Winter Recipes - Cauliflower Soup via Fork and FlowerSB - Winter Recipes - Pumpkin Quinoa via Darling Lemon Thyme


When I finally get home for dinner my time and enthusiasm towards cooking is almost nill. That said, these two recipes look too good and too easy not to make for dinner. Plus I dare say the leftovers could double as lunch the next day! I’ll be trying this Garlic Spaghetti Squash and Pine Nuts (Pinch of Yum) recipe first as the squash is in season and if this Baby Shells with Ricotta and Butter Roasted Tomatoes (Clara Persis) wasn’t destined to be a perfect Sunday night dinner, I don’t know what was!

SB - Winter Recipes - Spaghetti Squash via Pinch of YumSB - Winter Recipes - Tomato and Ricotta Shells via Clara Persis


Not one single day goes by where I don’t treat myself to something sweet at some point and I ALWAYS have room for dessert. If I’ve ever said I was too full, it’s because I was lying or because I’d literally eaten my weight in pasta already. These Mini Raspberry and Pistachio Pavlovas (via My Name is Yeh) look absolutely perfect! Tiny, tasty and light!

SB - Winter Recipes - Mini Pavlova via My Name is Yeh

All images linked to original source and there’s a lot more where these recipes came from on my Pinterest board \\ YUM //.

Into The Blue {Gusta Collab 3/6}

December 10, 2014

StyleBee - GUSTA - 3/6

If I had to pick a uniform to wear all winter it would probably be skinny jeans, boots, a plain top and an oversized sweater of some sort. I’m finding more and more that simplicity is the key to my style satisfaction. It might seem like the easy way or even the lazy way to go about getting ready but I find it actually takes a great deal of discipline to truly keep a look simple. Some might find this approach boring and I can appreciate that but I actually find it the opposite.

Keeping a look minimal means the details of each piece can really be appreciated. When you’ve got too many elements all vying for attention the little things that matter get missed. Take this wool cardigan by Gusta for example. The shawl collar, the contrasting cuffs and the fiber-rich wool texture are what make it special and unique and this look let’s those elements get noticed. I also love how despite it’s simplicity it’s still a statement piece.

So maybe next time you’re getting ready try to uncomplicate things (this is really a note to myself). Don’t worry about making things obvious, just let the simple details take the stage.

StyleBee - GUSTA - 3/6StyleBee - GUSTA - 3/6StyleBee - GUSTA - 3/6StyleBee - GUSTA - 3/6StyleBee - GUSTA - 3/6

Cardigan Gusta c/o || Turtleneck old from JCrew (similar here ) || Pants old Club Monaco (similar here) || Boots Sam Edelman || Glasses Warby Parker

Please note this post was sponsored by Gusta but all opinions are my own.

Indiana {Gusta Collab 2/6}

December 8, 2014

StyleBee - GUSTA - 2/6

Monday can either be completely mundane or the start to a new adventure, you just need to decide which way it’s going to go. That being said, I’m starting this Monday with the second look in my Gusta collab and it’s definitely ready for some excitement. When I tried on these amazing drawstring pants I knew I’d found a new closet favourite. They’re both super comfortable and flattering with a perfectly relaxed fit. Not much else to ask for in a pair of pants! Right now I’m wearing them with sweaters and boots but I can’t even wait to bust them out in warmer weather with a crop tee and some simple flats.

Sometimes you just need a great outfit to embrace a little adventure. So if you haven’t already, consider tackling this Monday head on. Pretend that 5:00 is your holy grail and nothing can stop you from getting there!

StyleBee - GUSTA - 2/6StyleBee - GUSTA - 2/6StyleBee - GUSTA - 2/6StyleBee - GUSTA - 2/6

Pants Gusta || Crop Tee Aritzia || Denim Jacket Rag&Bone || Scarf old Club Monaco (similar here and here) || Bag Vintage || Boots Madewell || Hat Rag&Bone || Bangle Laite

Please note this post was sponsored by Gusta but all opinions are my own.

Party Chic {Gusta Collab 1/6}

December 5, 2014

StyleBee - GUSTA - 1/6

Oh hey Friday, aren’t you fancy! I’m thrilled to share the first in a series of six pieces I styled for the wonderful Gusta store. I had the opportunity to collaborate with Ayala (owner and designer of Gusta) earlier this year and fell in love with her work then (see the looks here and here). Gusta’s aesthetic jives so well with what I aim for on Style Bee – simple, comfortable, well fitting with attention to important details and quality textures.

The first piece in the series is this beautiful black sweater. It’s dreamily soft and I just love the open neck, dropped shoulders and thick finishes. But my favourite aspect is the open weave that makes it slightly sheer and adds a totally chic allure. I decided to dress it up with an a-line white skirt, leopard clutch, pointy pumps and some soft curls. It’s perfect for a low-key holiday party, just add a glass of white wine and some good company!

StyleBee - GUSTA - 1/6StyleBee - GUSTA - 1/6StyleBee - GUSTA - 1/6

Black Sweater c/o Gusta || White Skirt s/o Madewell (similar here and here) || Tights Uniqlo || Heels J.Crew || Clutch old from Madewell

Please note this post was sponsored by Gusta but all opinions are my own.

‘Tis the Season!

December 3, 2014

Holly Wreath

I don’t quite know why but this year but I am definitely in the Christmas spirit. Dave and I were walking Dobby a few nights ago and the snow had just finished falling on all the trees and bushes in our neighbourhood. It was cold enough to keep it from melting but a perfect temperature to be outside. The street lights lit up the fresh flakes just enough to make them look all fluffed and glittery, like frosting on a cupcake. ‘Twas delightful! I’m savouring this uncharacteristic giddiness and soaking up the good parts about this time of year because I know too well that once January 2nd hits the novelty of snow will be long gone!

In case you’re in need of a little holiday spirit I’ve put together a festive Pinterest board to give you some inspiration. These are just a few of my favourite shots but you can take a look at the full collection here. Happy December friends!

Winter SceneChristmas CollageWinter StyleAdvent CalendarChristmas DrinksElegant Wreath

Images linked to original source or as far back as I could follow their origin.

In and Out

December 1, 2014

Style Bee - In and Out


I’ve been wearing this outfit at least once every week for a couple months now and it’s about as casu-chic as it gets. I just can’t get cozy enough these days! This mohair cardigan is so warm yet so soft I’m baffled by the texture every time I wear it. So yeah, it’s super comfy and makes life awesome but at this point in Canadian ‘fall’ it’s not warm enough for outside use. That’s why I’m calling it the ‘inside’ portion of todays style post. I thought I’d share a few ways I like to transition layers from being in my cozy office to being out on a cold as hell day. Here’s a quick step-by-step process for indoor layering:

  • Wear your favourite skinny black denim.
  • Toss on a super soft t-shirt.
  • Top that with a super warm, oversized sweater.
  • *optional* Wear a pair of spring flats around to make you feel less depressed about the truth awaiting outside.

Style Bee - In and OutStyle Bee - In and OutStyle Bee - In and Out


I’ve said it too many times already but I really think that if you’re dressed ‘well’ for the weather, it never seems that bad. Of course there are plenty of days ahead that will prove that theory wrong and demand down filled parkas and gigantic winter boots, but until then it’s just plain cold and blah so I’m being creative and having fun with my ‘outdoor’ winter style. Here’s a few steps that continue where we left off above and takes layering to an outdoor level:

  • Switch those flats for boots, time to get real (if you haven’t already)
  • Pile on a perfect oversized cocoon style coat. It’s gotta go over that big sweater!
  • Wrap some pattern around your neck and toss on a touque.
  • Grab your trusty black bag and head on your warm but chic way!

Style Bee - In and OutStyle Bee - In and OutStyle Bee - In and OutStyle Bee - In and Out

Swaeter Acne (Similar here and here) || Tee Everlane || Pants Rag & Bone || Flats Madewell || Boots Acne || Coat Elizabeth Suzann || Scarf Old (similar here and here) || Beanie old (similar here and here) || Bag Bagguu || Necklace c/o 30 Versions || Glasses Warby Parker

This is the first shoot I did inside my soon to be completely finished studio! It was so fun to test out the space and try out some indoor shooting but there is a lot to improve on so bear with me while I hone in on my photography skills. What do you think about this style of ‘style’ post? I’m thinking it will be great throughout the winter months but I’d love your initial thoughts too.

Decked Out Digital – December

December 1, 2014

Style Bee - Digital Downloads - December

‘Tis the season for a new set of digital downloads! Thought it was about time to get a little more festive. Nothing like a pop of bright red holly branches to put some holiday cheer on your phone! I’m hoping to have a super special download treat for you later this month! Can you guess what it might be?

Click the image you’d like to download and it will open the photo for you to save. Further instruction below.

Style Bee - Digital Downloads - DecemberStyle Bee - Digital Downloads - December

PHONE - To set background simply download the image to your phone using one of the links above > Open Settings > Wallpapers + Brightness > Choose a new wallpaper > From your photos choose the wallpaper you’d like to use > Save to either Home Screen, Lock Screen or both!

Style Bee - Digital Downloads - DecemberStyle Bee - Digital Downloads - December


DESKTOP – To set background simply download the image to your computer using one the link above > Open System Preferences > Desktop + Screensaver > + > Select the photo from your downloads and save.

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