Capsule Closet – Look 3

April 17, 2015

SB - Capsule Closet - Look 3

Just when you think I’ve bombarded the internet with my face enough for the week…BAM! The 3rd look from my capsule closet goes live!

But seriously, this look is pretty much limitless. It’s great for work if you’re in a more casual office setting, it’s also great for post workday dinners and just begging for a little weekend adventure. It also happens to be one of my go-to silhouettes from the Closet Mission exercise on Shape & Fit so I know it’ll be in heavy rotation this spring.

This oversized, linen blazer has been one of my favourite closet items for years now. My Mum convinced me to get it on a shopping excursion when I was just out of school and while it was a bit pricey for me then, it was more than worth it. She said it reminded her of one she’d had for decades and obviously she was onto something because I’ve been a huge blazer convert ever since (see the other ones here and here). I think it must have something to do with the boost of confidence I feel whenever I wear one.

This look transitions so easily into my favourite post work activity, which is Netflixing on the couch with my little pooch and the fella. Ditch the heels and blazer, cue the Thai takeout, crack a cold beer and I’m in heaven!

Now I promise to give you and the internet a break from my mug, but not for looooong! haha Happy Friday friends!

SB - Capsule Closet - Look 3SB - Capsule Closet - Look 3SB - Capsule Closet - Look 3SB - Capsule Closet - Look 3

Size Reference (I’m 5’7 and 120 lbs)

Blazer (similar / size 2) || Shirt (XS) || Denim (26 Reg) || Shoes (TTS 7) || Specs Oliver People’s || Tote (short) Cuyana || Watch || Necklace

Capsule Closet – Look 2

April 15, 2015

SB - Capsule Closet - Look 2

Next up in the 10 x 10 challenge is this super simple but oh so elegant little number (at least I think so!). I bought this white skirt last winter and wore it to all my holiday events, then I hung it up and didn’t touch it for months. Sometimes you just run out of places to wear something. But with the weather warming up I’m determined to bring it out to play again. I love this look for weekend events, dinner dates and maybe even a boozy brunch. A few gold touches warm up the otherwise cool vibe of grey, white and black and a red lip adds just that little bit of glam.

Want to know a little secret? I like to imagine myself as a magazine editor, wearing this to work and wowing everyone with my minimalist chic ways, ha! I mean, a girl’s gotta dream!

SB - Capsule Closet - Look 2SB - Capsule Closet - Look 2SB - Capsule Closet - Look 2SB - Capsule Closet - Look 1

Size Reference (I’m 5’7 and 120 lbs)

Sweater (M) Similar || Skirt (0) Similar || Heels (TTS 7) || Clutch || Sunnies || Jewelry || Infinity Ring

Capsule Closet – Look 1

April 14, 2015

SB - Capsule Closet - Look 1


And we’re off! Here is the first of 10 looks from my 10 x 10 Challenge. I wanted to start with something relaxed but ready for basically anything the day might throw my way. This is a great look for a day in the office, running errands, grabbing brunch, walking the dog or even a casual coffee date. I like that it’s a little dorky (thanks to the glasses), a little boyish and yet totally casual chic. The only trouble with it is that I’d rather not wear anything else!

I get a lot of questions about these Everlane loafers and I can’t say enough good things about them. I wear a size 7, have a relatively narrow foot and they fit me perfectly. I was on the waitlist for months to get the black ones and they were well worth the wait. PS. This oversized stripe shirt is the comfiest button down I’ve found in a long time and I love the spring-ready short sleeves. Now, if I could just find some time to sit down with a good read and a cappuccino I’d basically be living the dream!

SB - Capsule Closet - Look 1SB - Capsule Closet - Look 1SB - Capsule Closet - Look 1SB - Capsule Closet - Look 1

Size Reference (I’m 5’7 and 120 lbs)

Shirt (XS) || Denim (26 Reg) || Shoes (TTS 7) || Specs || Similar Bag || Watch

10 x 10 Challenge

April 13, 2015

Style Bee - 10 x 10 Challenge

Today I’m trying something new on the blog, which I’m calling the 10 x 10 Challenge. As you might already know I’m taking the month of April off from shopping, read a bit more about that here. So I thought it was the perfect time to shop my existing closet and reinvest in some of my favourite spring staples. I’ve been intrigued by the idea of a capsule wardrobe for a while now (thanks to the blog Un-Fancy) but I haven’t been ready to fully commit. I decided to do a sort of test run with a mini capsule closet using 10 of my favourite spring pieces to create 10 different looks. I’ll be sharing each look as I work my way through different outfits for different occasions such as work, weekends, dinner dates and down time. I’m really excited to see what I can come up with and hope this exercise will reaffirm my ongoing mission to choose well and buy less.

I tried not to over think it too much and simply started by pulling the following items from my closet:

  • 4 tops
  • 2 bottoms
  • 2 jackets
  • 2 pairs of shoes

I stuck to a neutral palette so that everything is interchangeable and chose items that I wear often and work well together. I’ll be adding accessories like jewelry and bags but otherwise the next 10 outfits on the blog will feature a combination of these 10 items exclusively.


Style Bee - 10 x 10 ChallengeStyle Bee - 10 x 10 ChallengeStyle Bee - 10 x 10 Challenge

I’m sure some looks will be more successful than others but I hope to surprise myself with how much versatility I can draw from a very limited selection of items. And just maybe, this little experiment will inspire a few of you to partake in your own 10 x 10 challenge!



Everlane Grey Crew Neck (cotton version) || Everlane Chambray Shirt (short sleeve version) || Madwell Crop Tee || Madewell Courier Shirt


GAP Skinnies (see the original review here) || Madewell Skirt (similar)


Rag & Bone Denim Jacket || Club Monaco Linen Blazer (similar from J.Crew)


Everlane Loafer || Madewell Mira Heel

2.5 – SHAPE + FIT

April 11, 2015

StyleBee - Closet Mission - Shape + Fit


So far in the closet mission we’ve talked about colour, pattern, print and fabric but now it’s time to talk about shape and fit. When I refer to ‘shape’ I mean the actual structure of the garment (a-line, pencil, flared etc.) and when I refer to ‘fit’ I’m thinking about how it wears on the body (fitted, oversized etc.). It’s taken me a long time to wrap my head around this leg of the mission because it’s a topic I personally find tough to approach objectively. How our clothes fit profoundly impacts how we feel about our bodies and, in turn, ourselves as a whole. Choosing shapes and silhouettes that we feel good in makes a major difference when it comes to achieving lean closet contentment.

StyleBee - Closet Mission - Shape + FitStyleBee - Closet Mission - Shape + Fit


Recently I had a bit of a meltdown while I was going through some older spring clothes. I tried on a pair of pants I hadn’t worn in a long while and they fit A LOT smaller than I remembered. I immediately felt a wave of insecurity engulf me. A fury of self deprecating thoughts and questions flew through my mind and I’ll admit I let myself wallow in it for a bit. Finally I snapped out of it and with slightly regained composure I realized how quickly I’d turned on myself and sided with a meaningless piece of clothing. I let a crappy pair of out of season pants completely derail my self confidence. So not okay!

This was a pivotal moment in the Closet Mission for me. It was astounding how quickly I digressed from the style savvy, empowered woman this process has helped me become. But I’m actually glad I hit a low point this far along, and I’m really glad I realized it. Even just a year ago I probably would have stopped trying on old clothes, and gone shopping to feel better. Vicious cycle much?

Of course we all have our insecurities and body image hang ups but our closets shouldn’t be adding to them. We are the ones in control of our wardrobe and it shouldn’t be the other way around. I’m healthy, happy and generally quite content with my figure, once I managed to remind myself of that, those pants went straight in the donation bag.

StyleBee - Closet Mission - Shape + FitStyleBee - Closet Mission - Shape + Fit


Since this little episode, I’ve taken some time to refocus on the mission and remind myself of it’s purpose. Which is to build a lean closet filled with pieces that make me feel good and support the version of myself I most want to share with the world. Sometimes that might mean wearing a great dress with a fitted waist and full skirt that brings out my feminine side, other times it might be an oversized shirt and slouchy pants that make me feel free and ready for anything.

It’s surprising how different fits and shapes from one outfit to the next can empower us in different ways. I began asking myself why certain silhouettes satisfy while others don’t and suddenly I’d pulled together the Shape workbook. The workbook is simple, but it requires some thought and honesty.

Download the Printable version here or the Editable PDF here.

StyleBee - Closet Mission - Shape + Fit

To get you started I’ve shared my answers and a couple great resources below:

1. Let’s get the negativity out of the way first. What clothes make you feel uncomfortable or self conscious?

Anything that’s too tight anywhere (mainly in the leg or midsection) and on the other hand anything that’s too boxy. Not crazy about super low cut tops or super short hemlines.

2. What clothes do you feel most*:

  • Comfortable in? 

Great jeans and a loose shirt. Big knits and giant cardigans are my jam.

  • Elegant in?

Silky tops, high waists, long skirts and flowy dresses.

  • Sultry in?

My black jumpsuit or my two piece black pants and crop top combo.

  • Confident in?

Classic pumps and a blazer. Or anything menswear inspired like trousers and a pair of loafers.

*Feel free to exchange the adjectives, maybe you want to feel Stylish over Elegant or Cool instead of Confident. Totally up to you!

StyleBee - Closet Mission - Shape + Fit

3. List the different shapes (garment structure) and fits (how it wears) of the pieces you mentioned above:

  • Comfy - Skinny jeans (slim fit, high waist)
  • Comfy - Boyfriend jeans (lower rise, loose fit, slightly tapered/cropped leg)
  • Comfy - Slightly oversized t-shirts with either a high/low or a cropped hem, crew or u-necklines
  • Comfy - Long (past hips) sweaters/cardigans with an oversized fit
  • Elegant - Classic, slinky fit button down silk shirts, not too long OR simple silk tanks for layering
  • Elegant – high waisted a-line skirt, maxi skirts OR loose fitting trousers
  • Elegant – Lady like cinch waists on flowy/loose fitting dresses
  • Elegant – Long coats (mid thigh and longer)
  • Sultry - Unique pieces like a wide leg jumpsuit or an oversized cropped sweater
  • Sultry – Two piece set with a high waist and crop top, structured and sculptural
  • Confident – Blazers (slightly long slim but not too fitted)
  • Confident – Boyshirt style button downs, loose but not too oversized
  • Confident – Classic style/fit leather or denim jackets

5. Considering the pieces above, what are 5 -10 key silhouettes you enjoy wearing?

  1. Tee + Trouser combo
  2. Midi skirts
  3. Flares + flowy blouses
  4. Boyfriend jeans + tee
  5. Blazers and skinnies 
  6. Loose, simple dresses

6. Pull a few photos of those silhouettes. Make note of the key elements in each and what activities they’re best suited for.

 StyleBee - Closet Mission - Shape + Fit


StyleBee - Closet Mission - Shape + Fit

So there you have my take on Shape + Fit! Once I worked my way through the questions I felt much better about my grasp on how it applies to my closet. Of course, just because I’ve identified the silhouettes I like, doesn’t mean I can’t try other ones. It just means I have a solid baseline to work from!

Up next in the Closet Mission, we’re talking accessories and how to use them to your lean closet advantage! 

On a slightly unrelated note, you need to watch the new Dove ‘Choose Beautiful’ campaign video. Then go tell a friend that she’s beautiful because we all need a reminder sometimes.

Look 13 – Double Denim

April 6, 2015

Style Bee - Look 13 - Double Denim

The Monday after a long weekend is always hard to face. With an extra long to-do list and deadlines fast approaching I’m doing my best not to let the reality of the work week get the better of my mood. Luckily my job affords me a pretty wide range of outfit options but I like to be strategic about them. When I’m feeling like I need a boost in productivity I’ll wear something more formal with sharp lines and structure. When I need to keep a clear head and focus on details I’ll go for a favourite pair of skinnies, a simple sweater and flats to stay unfussy. But when facing a long, potentially frazzled, week I like to evoke the calming powers of the ever essential denim on denim outfit. It’s casual but not thoughtless and relaxed but not sloppy and that’s exactly the mindset I need going into the week. Plus, it’s hard to feel anything but great when you’re wearing your favourite flares ever!

Is it just me or do you ever use your style to sway your mood?

Style Bee - Look 13 - Double DenimStyle Bee - Look 13 - Double DenimStyle Bee - Look 13 - Double DenimStyle Bee - Look 13 - Double DenimStyle Bee - Look 13 - Double DenimStyle Bee - Look 13 - Double Denim

Hat Rag & Bone || Shirt Old J.Crew (similar here, here and here) || Denim Madewell (size 26) || Sandals old Zara (similar here and here) || Purse vintage || Teslin Dagger Necklace c/o Biko

For size reference I’m 5’7” and 120 lbs.

Chocolate Chip Goodness

April 4, 2015

Style Bee - Choco Chip Cookie Recipe

It’s been over a month since I made these cookies, yet as I’m looking at the photos I can smell their fresh chocolatey goodness and alllmost taste them. Major cravings going on right now. To be honest, they were the first batch of organic cookies I’ve baked entirely from scratch and I wasn’t sure how they’d turn out. Luckily I managed to prove my skeptic side wrong and they turned out great. I used a tried and true recipe from one of my favourite food blogs The Faux Marthawhich had some pro pointers like grated butter, something I never would have thought of.

Everyone has their own preferences when it comes to a perfect chocolate chip cookie. Some like them dense and packed to the gills with chips, others prefer a thin, crisp approach and a good ol’ chewy gooey rendition never did anyone wrong. While I’m opinionated on many topics, chocolate chip cookies are one that I just can’t bring myself to take sides on. I love them all, each for their own qualities and differences. That’s why this recipe is a great one for those of us who like a bit of crunch, a lot of chip and a little extra volume.

Style Bee - Choco Chip Cookie Recipe

You will need*:

  • 8 oz. (2 sticks) unsalted butter, chilled
  • 1 1/4 c. granulated sugar
  • 3/4 c. packed light brown sugar
  • 2 large eggs
  • 1 tsp. vanilla extract
  • 3 c. AP flour
  • 3/4 tsp. sea salt
  • 1 1/4 tsp. baking powder
  • 1/2 tsp. baking soda
  • 12 ounces (2 c.) good quality semisweet chocolate chips

* Opt for all organic ingredients if that’s what you’re into.

Style Bee - Choco Chip Cookie Recipe

Directions (for a pictorial play by play see the original recipe here):

  1. Using a grater, grate chilled butter into a large bowl. Make sure to scrape out butter left on grater. If butter is too warm, stick it in the freezer for 5 minutes.
  2. Add sugars to the butter. Using a mixer, mix until just combined. Do not over beat.
  3. Add vanilla and eggs, and mix until just combined. Again, do not over beat.
  4. In a separate bowl, whisk together flour, salt, baking powder, and baking soda.
  5. Add flour mixture to butter mixture, and mix until just combined. Dough will look crumbly. You are right on track.
  6. Stir in chocolate chips.
  7. With your hands, gather dough into a large ball, as you would if you were making a snow ball.
  8. Roll dough into smaller snowballs and place on pan lined with parchment paper.
  9. Preheat oven to 365°. Meanwhile, place cookies in the freezer for about 15 minutes.
  10. Bake cookies for 18 minutes or until slightly browned around edges. Cookies will still be doughy in the middle.
  11. Allow to cool completely before eating. The doughy centre will stiffen up a bit.

Feel like being the hero at Easter Dinner or just about any other occasion? Then bake these and bring them. Although, you may just find yourself on dessert duty for the unforeseeable future!

Style Bee - Choco Chip Cookie RecipeStyle Bee - Choco Chip Cookie RecipeStyle Bee - Choco Chip Cookie Recipe

Lint + Honey – Scales Towel c/o – Be sure to use the code ‘STYLEBEE’ for 15% off your order! || Speck + Stone Plate

Save the Bees! In support of a cause close my own heart, Lint + Honey will be donating $1 from the proceeds of all ‘Bee’ related goods in her shop (like this great print and these awesome pillows) to a Save the Bees fund.

March Vibes 2015

April 1, 2015

Monthly Vibes - March 2015

Holy smokes you guys, 1/4 of 2015 is already over! But I’ve gotta say, March was pretty good. The sun felt warmer, the days longer and spirits everywhere were lifted. We made headway on some home projects, work has been good busy (not holding my breath of course), I managed to sneak in a visit with my girlfriends, complete a dream collab and visit my favourite plant shops for some inspiration. Add in a weekend trip and a couple parties with friends and you’ve got a pretty damn decent month right there!

Monthly Vibes - March 2015Monthly Vibes - March 2015

March was a roller coaster of mixed emotions for Dobby. One moment he was filled with pure glee playing fetch in the mud and the next moment he was facing one of his greatest fears, the bath. Bright mornings are great and all but they mean Dobby is up earlier and more eager than ever to start the day. His morning stares and guilt trips are pretty much impossible to ignore.

Monthly Vibes - March 2015Monthly Vibes - March 2015

I’ve been dying to try calligraphy for ages now and I finally found the perfect way to test my interest. Scarlet & Gold is generously offering a FREE calligraphy webinar so I sat down with my girlfriend Courtney and we gave our fancy writing skills a go. The class was great and we were both amazed at how much we improved from just a 45 minute session. If you’ve had an inkling to try calligraphy sign up to be notified of April streaming dates. You will love it!

Monthly Vibes - March 2015

Life in general felt lighter this month. Must have been a subconscious effect of the melting snow. All my latest warmer weather favourites came out to play and I even had the chance to sneak my swimsuit out for a spa day. I know I claim not to be a trend fiend but I can’t deny that I’m 100% on board with the return of the 70’s. Flares, high-waists, platforms and giant shades? Yes please!! Yet on the other hand I’m feeling the minimalist, sleek look of white slides and slip ons. For some reason I’ve been struggling with my attraction to different looks lately. I think I forgot that you can incorporate totally different vibes into your style and make it work. Actually that’s sort of the whole theory behind ‘personal style’ isn’t it? Anyway, I’m going to try and roll with it during April and see how it feels.

Monthly Vibes - March 2015

You know how they say you find love the moment you stop looking for it? Well that same logic must apply to fashion because I’ve been searching for a perfect camel coat for years, literally! I had finally thrown in the towel for this winter’s search when low and behold the perfect camel coat appeared. A gem of a little vintage shop just opened up in Guelph and on our way home from breakfast Dave and I decided to pop in. There she was, in all her woollen, belted, reversible glory, my dream camel coat. I tried her on, she fit like a glove and the rest is history. Well not really, since I’ll probably be blogging and talking about it for years to come. But you know what I mean! Has a dream closet item ever found you?

Monthly Vibes - March 2015

Technically this last March event happened on April 1 but I certainly couldn’t wait a whole month to share it. The darling Belinda Love Lee, creative design dynamo behind the shop, studio and blog of the same name, asked me to share some honest thoughts and insights on the world of blogging. Her blog series ‘Honest Tid Bits’ features interviews with artistic folks and helps demystify some of the ideas about working in different creative industries. I was honoured to be included and hope you’ll take a peek at the post and what Belinda is up to!

Monthly Vibes - March 2015

Ooph! That was a jam packed month (and post!) and I even left a few things out. April is sure to be equally eventful so stay tuned for lots of good things to come! Any big plans for your month? Feel like challenging yourself or trying something new? Have a look at my April Shopping Fast post for lots of ideas.

April Shopping Fast

March 31, 2015

April Shopping Fast

It’s almost that time again! Time to take a breather from shopping for the next 30 days. 

I wasn’t sure how I’d feel about another shopping hiatus but I’m actually feeling super relieved about it because this spring has been pretty rough on the ol’ purse strings. There’ve been lots of expenses and renos are never kind to the budget. Plus I’ve been feeling better than ever about my closet and all the possibilities it holds for me. It’s a perfect time to step back from the shopping scene, regroup and save up. Not to mention all the little projects and activities I’ve been chomping at the bit to try out!

April Shopping Fast

So with all the time I won’t be shopping this month, what have I got planned?

1. Sewing Course 

I’ve had a sewing machine for ages now and have been meaning to learn. This workshop looks like a really great and affordable way to do that and I can go at my own pace. There are tons of awesome projects that I can’t wait to tackle like a maxi skirt and bean bag chair! I’ve taken two other courses from A Beautiful Mess (Photography and Blog Life) and found them both very useful and lots of fun.

2. Calligraphy

I recently joined this Free Calligraphy workshop and it was a blast! Looking forward to practicing more and writing some fun cards to friends.

3. New Recipes

I’m soon to be without a kitchen for a couple months as we’re renovating ours. With only a hot plate and a panini maker I’m looking for great recipes to try. These three look great;

Feta, Hummus, Avocado Quesadilla || Zucchini Pasta with Cashew Pesto || Grilled Veg Greek Salad


Something I might not convey enough on here is how much I love making things. I’m looking forward to trying out a couple of these genius and super chic DIY projects.

Blanket/Scarf Ladder || Ceramic Ring Holders || Scented Soy Candles || Leather File Holders

5. 10 + 10 Challenge

The great part about doing a shopping fast is that you get a chance to reinvest in your closet and discover the pieces you truly love wearing. I’m looking forward to challenging myself to a 10 + 10 exercise where I single out 10 pieces and create 10 outfits with them. I’ll probably go for 2 shoes, 2 jackets, 3 shirts and 3 bottoms. Can’t wait to share them with you here!

April Shopping Fast

6. Juice Cleanse

I did a three day juice cleanse about 2 years ago and found it really beneficial. Before my birthday (in early May) I plan to do another one to reboot my system and start a new year fresh. I’m looking into Total Cleanse specifically after reading about this experience.

7. 30 Day Ab + Squat Challenge

Although Mother Nature might be trying to deny it, summer and short weather is on it’s way. Having done ZERO physical activity for the last 6 months I’m in dire need of a work out. I also love me a little crop top action so it’s time to get moving! This is the challenge I’m doing and I’m seriously dreading every minute of it!

8. Spring Clean

Top to bottom. Every nook and cranny. Clean as a whistle. You could eat off this floor! It’s time for me to roll up my sleeves, bust out the cleaners and make all these sayings come true with a proper in depth spring house clean.

9. Closet Clean Out

A shopping fast is a great time to clean out your closet and get rid of all the excess that’s been going unused for ages. I’ll be digging into the best ways to purge your closet on the blog soon but if you’re itching to get at it, I recommend you start with four piles; 1. Keep / 2. Sell / 3. Donate / 4. Toss.

10. Make Plans to Get Outside

This winter has been insanely cold and obnoxiously long. As I write this it’s snowing outside, WTF? It’s also too easy to get bogged down by the day to day routine and suddenly find that months have flown by. That’s why we’re booking in fun and affordable summer trips now so we have lots to look forward to. Algonquin camping is our favourite, a weekend in wine country will be awesome and a visit to Vancouver will be a perfect summer adventure.

April Shopping Fast

So what do you think? Care to join me on a mission to go 30 days shopping free? It’s way more liberating and a lot easier than you might think, I promise!

April Shopping Fast

New to Style Bee?

  • Read more about my 2015 Closet Mission.
  • See why I’m testing out my theory on ‘shopping fasts’ here.
  • If you’re still not too sure you can take a look at my initial Fast Findings and the key takeaways from the experience.

Look 12 – Regent Review

March 30, 2015

Style Bee - Regent Blazer

The first official product review on Style Bee was of these jeans and it seemed to be a pretty big hit. So I’ve since had my eye out for another great closet staple to review here on the blog. In my first outfit post ever I wore a white blazer and I’ve worn that very blazer about 400 times since (honestly!). It’s still one of my closet faves but has started to show signs of wear and tear so I’ve had my eye out for a slightly more structured option with a few updated details. The J.Crew Regent Blazer has crossed my path many times but when I saw it’s release in a beautiful spring-ready white linen I decided to try it out. See below for my breakdown on fit, value and overall rating.

Style Bee - Regent BlazerStyle Bee - Regent BlazerStyle Bee - Regent BlazerStyle Bee - Regent BlazerStyle Bee - Regent Blazer


The Regent Blazer has been in the J.Crew repertoire for some time now. When I first looked into the linen version the reviews had me a little hesitant as there was mention of a smaller than normal fit and several complaints about the cotton lining. But I’m a shopping optimist and with a sale and a decent return policy there wasn’t a lot holding me back. I decided to give it a try and the moment I tried it on I knew it was never going back. Here are my 5 criteria for assessing whether a new blazer/jacket stays or goes.

1. FIT

  • Excellent overall (no tailoring needed). True to my usual J.Crew size (2, XS/S, 26). For reference: I am 5’7”, 120 lbs.
  • Sleeves are not too tight on me. I find I can even wear a light long sleeve sweater underneath.
  • Length is perfect. Longer than a typical office blazer.
  • Plan to wear it open but the single button is a nice option and worn closed it’s not too tight.
  • Flattering and sophisticated.

2. CUT

  • Sharp and chic cut.
  • Angled forward ever so slightly to hit at a flattering spot on the leg.
  • Collar can be worn up or down. I prefer up as it gives it a more contemporary feel.
  • Sleeves are a great length. Hit just past the wrist. Will look great rolled up too.


  • Beautiful linen for spring.
  • A true, fresh white. Not off-white or ecru.
  • Linen is easily wrinkled by nature which gives this blazer a more casual vibe. Works for me!
  • Lining is cotton which does cause friction when wearing it over another long sleeved shirt. Silk lining would be ideal but will undoubtedly drive the cost up.
  • Will have to see how the edges on front and sleeves hold up to use. Might wear down.


  • Buttons are plastic but don’t look cheap.
  • All pockets are functional but I will keep them darted.
  • Back vent helps with fit and comfort.


  • $178 USD is, in my opinion, a fair price for such a well fitting and well made blazer. If you can nab it on sale even better!
  • Quality equivalent to Club Monaco and their blazers are $280 and up.

Overall Rating: 0 – 1 – 2 – 3 – 4 – 5 – 6 – 7 – 8 – 9 – 10

So that’s my two cents on the J.Crew Regent Blazer*. If you’re in the market for a new spring blazer I’d start with this one. With free shipping and easy returns (about $10 +) it’s a pretty safe bet. Many of the reviews online said it runs small but I’d stick to your usual size.

Hope you found this review helpful! Are there any items you’ve been wondering about? Let me know! 

J.Crew Regent Blazer (size 2) || Elizabeth Suzann Cecilia Pant (size S but had waist taken in) || J.Crew Vintage Tank (size XS) || Clare Vivier Foldover Clutch || Madewell Mira Pump (TTS 7) || Laite Atelier Jewelry

*This post was not sponsored and all opinions are my own.

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